I understand a lot of you will have questions about tax, annual maintenance cost. Here is a full breakdown of the cost you can expect. There are mainly two taxes you pay in the United States. One is state and one is Federal. You have to pay state tax no matter what you do, but it is a fixed fee. Federal tax is computed by CPA each year.

  1. Registered agent — $100 per year
  2. Corporate tax preparation by StartGlobal CPA (Federal)  
    Zero income returns – $299
    Gross income $0-$50K – $399
    Gross Income up to $50K-$100K – $799
    $100k to $500K – $1299
    Income over $500K – we will quote after reviewing the financials.
  3. State tax filing
    $399 for LLCs in Delaware
    $299 for LLCs in Wyoming
    Corporations depends on issued shares and assets.

So here is an example, if you are a Delaware LLC with $25k in gross revenue, your annual cost of running the business is approximately $100+$399+$399 = $898 from the second year.

Questions about taxes? Here is a more detailed post about taxes.