Let's start with a video of our onboarding process.

StartGlobal business onboarding

Things to keep ready before signup

  • Name of owners
  • Address
  • Phone and email
  • Copy of your international passport
  • A credit or debit card for payment (You can also pay with PayPal)

After you finish the signup, you'll have to make the payment and then once again confirm the details. If you plan to change the name of the business or any other changes, you'll have to do it at this step because as soon as you confirm the details, we'll immediately make the filings to state. You'll also have to upload a copy of your international passport in the next step.

Forming your company

The first step in our process forming your business in the state, Delaware or Wyoming. As soon as you confirm the details, we'll be preparing the necessary paperworks and making the state filings. Our price includes all paperworks and necessary state fees, so you don't have to worry about anything. We expect the state filings to be completed and get confirmation in about 3-5 days normally.

Getting your EIN

As soon as we get the state filings done, we'll prepare you tax ID application which is to be submitted to the IRS to get your EIN. We'll be emailing you within the hour to get your signature on the application. All you have to do is sign in to your StartGlobal dashboard and sign it online. Please note that you don't have to take a print out or get wet signatures, you can do it fully online from your laptop or phone by drawing your signature. As soon as we get the signature we'll start processing your EIN. Our typical processing time is 5-7 days.

Getting your bank account

As soon as we get the EIN for your business, we'll immediately send all your information to the bank and start the process for your bank account. It will usually be ready within the hour. We'll send all your information to the bank and send you a unique link to activate your bank account. You only have start activation by entering the same email you used in StartGlobal and create a password for your bank account. As soon as you complete the activation, there will be a verification from the bank which usually takes 3-5 days. Your debit card will be shipped to the US address which we provide and from there it will be shipped to your home country. We'll take care of that.

Phone number, address

We'll be issuing your phone number and mailing address in between these processes. In most cases the phone number will be issued within the hour after signup and address within 3-5 days. Please note that the phone number cannot receive SMS and cannot make outgoing calls. All calls to your US number (which we issue) will be forwarded to your local number. That is how the phone number works. Any mails to the mailing address will be scanned and sent to your email or you can find them in the dashboard. (Read here about the applicable fee after free tier).