First of all – congratulations 🎉 we are proud of you to take this bold step. We understand starting your own business is a huge step. We are committed to helping you as much as possible in this journey.

Now after you've signed up and paid, you'll be required to upload a copy of your passport for all verifications. You'll also need to confirm all the details one last time. Now here is what happens in the following days (all days are in business days, holidays and weekends are not included).

Day 1

After you've started we'll issue your phone number within the hour. This will be your US phone number and all the calls to this number will be forwarded to the local phone number you provided during the signup. You have 30 minutes of forwarded calls available free for the first month. If you'd like to continue using the phone number here is the applicable call rates depending on your country. Outgoing calls is not possible from this number. SMS to this number will be emailed to your registered email.

Day 3-5

As soon as you complete the signup we'll start preparing your state filings and file them in the respective state. We get the state filing done in about 3-5 days. You'll get an email at the end of the process with your certificate of formation from the state. Immediately after the state filing, we'll also issue your mailing address in the US. All mails sent to this address will be scanned and uploaded to your StartGlobal dashboard. 6 scan and forwards included. You can also choose to forward the mail physically to your country, we'll decide the cost based on your package.

Day 5-20

You'll need to sign a EIN application form at this stage. It's fully online and you can sign from your laptop or computer. Then we will send that to IRS to get your EIN number. Currently we are seeing delay from the IRS for your EIN which is your tax ID. However our process will be completed in 10-20 business days. As soon as you get your EIN issued, we'll start processing your bank account and send you a link for you to activate your bank account. You'll need to activate the account and wait for another 3-5 days for verifications from the bank's side.

Day 25

You'll be ready to roll with your new business 🥳 Usually, we take 20-30 business days to setup everything including the bank account, rarely upto 40 business days.

You'll get regular email from us with all the updates along the process, if you have any questions during the process you can always reach out to [email protected] for an update. You can also call us at +1-415-418-7725.