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Just two friends from college who fell in love with code and design.

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Many things are unnecessarily complex. We started off as developers building software solutions and came to the US to fulfill our dreams to start a business. Only then we realized just how complicated the process truly is and ended up needing legal and accounting support. A few years down the line, we were even faced with a $250K bill from the state. That's when we realized there needs to be a better and clearer process for international business owners to easily do business in the US. We want to make it possible for anyone to be able to build in the largest economy in the world.

I could have really used the product back when I was a freelancer. I was a good designer but terrible at running a studio.

Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter
Investor and Advisor in StartGlobal

Founder and CEO

Sanjay Nediyara

Sanjay is a developer turned entrepreneur who had previously worked with Google on community initiatives. Started his first business in the US when he was selected by Draper University in Silicon Valley.

Co-founder and CTO

Sandeep Suresh

Sandeep is the CTO at StartGlobal. In the last decade he spent his time with a multinational corporation building highly secure banking systems which did cross country banking and finance applications.


Vishnu Prasad

Vishnu is our multi faceted designer who make sure your experience is pixel perfect and easy to use. From subtle animations to complex legal flows, you'll find his invisible hands guiding you everywhere.

Frontend Wizard

Jason Werner

Jason is our front end wizard who makes sure the designs are made into actual working application exactly the way designer meant. He spends his night making sure that no one can find a difference between the design and his app.

Investor and Advisor

Biz Stone

Biz Stone is the co-founder of Twitter and Jelly. Inc. magazine named him Entrepreneur of the Decade, Time listed him as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. He is an investor and advisor in Start Global.

Investor and Advisor

V George Maliekel

A Harvard Business School graduate and currently running a global medical devices company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products and services worldwide, George Maliekel is an early investor in StartGlobal.

Sales Support

If you have any confusion anywhere in the process, email or call us and our team will support you through the whole process.


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