StartGlobal Process

Here is everything you need to know about StartGlobal pricing. 

StartGlobal offers two plans for your convinience. One is an all-in-one Subscription to manage the entire back office of your LLC and ensure the business runs smoothly and the second one is a pay as you go pricing.

If you have a monthly subscription, we’ll automatically take care of your compliance requirements such as registered agent, annual reports and tax filings. In the pay as you go option, you’ll recieve reminders on email and you can make the payments from time to time.

While both options are equally good, we advise the customers to go with a subscription as the payment will be monthly instead of larger payments from time to time, and also we’ve seen a lot of customers miss their email reminders and fail to make various payments resulting in huge fine. Please find below the full details of our pricing and frequently asked questions.