StartGlobal Taxes

StartGlobal helps you handle your annual state and federal taxes with a tax expert.

A better way to manage your taxes

We help you manage all of your taxes in-platform with support from experts and industry veterans.

State and Federal taxes

We'll be making necessary filings at both state and federal levels.

State tax

Your state tax which is known as annual franchise tax is a fixed amount paid to the state to keep your business running compliant in the state.

Federal tax

Your federal tax maybe computed by a CPA and filed annually or quarterly. You can connect with our tax expect on StartGlobal to plan your taxes.

Expert support all along the way

You can schedule a time and chat with your tax expert as when needed and plan ahead.

Easily share information

We have everything ready to help you share your business information to your tax expert. You can securely share your banking transactions or any other information with one click.

All process online

We have completely streamlined your communication, document preparations, signing and filings.

Sales Support

If you have any confusion anywhere in the process, email or call us and our team will support you through the whole process.

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Weโ€™re here to help

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