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Florida’s low startup costs and taxes are very attractive, making it one of the most business-friendly states in the US. We’re here to make sure you start and run yours with confidence.
  • Get all the guidance you need to register and run an LLC in Florida
  • Understand the advantages Florida gives to LLCs and maximize them
  • Know the limitations Florida places on LLCs and avoid violating regulations
  • Avoid missteps in filing important documents to start running your LLC
  • Fulfill all additional legal requirements and avoid incurring penalties


How to Start an LLC in Florida

An LLC is simpler to start than a corporation and offers more protection and flexibility to members compared to most other structures. We’ll teach you how to form one in Florida.


How to File DBA in Florida

Running your LLC using a fictitious name will give it a number of advantages you didn’t think were possible. Here’s how to get on in Florida.


Florida Operating Agreement

Florida’s many benefits are not enough to make your LLC profitable—you will need to create an Operating Agreement to ensure that it functions effectively.

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