How to Start an LLC in Wyoming

Starting an LLC in Wyoming has never been easier. The state of Wyoming is known for its business-friendly regulations and pro-business environment, making it an ideal place to form an LLC. With a few simple steps, you can get your Wyoming LLC up and running in no time. This guide will provide all the necessary information and resources to help you begin your LLC journey in Wyoming. 

You’ll learn about the basics of Wyoming LLC formation, the advantages of forming an LLC in Wyoming, and how to start your business today. With this guide, you’ll have all the resources and information you need to get your LLC up and running in no time. So, don’t wait any longer and get started on your Wyoming LLC today.


What is LLC?


What are the advantages of an LLC?


What are the disadvantages of an LLC?

LLC Formation

What are the steps to starting an LLC?

Types of LLC

Which type of LLC is ideal for me?

LLC Taxes

What are my tax obligations?


What is the cost of forming an LLC?

Starting a Business

What business should I start in the state?


How does LLC compare to other business entities?


Frequently asked questions about forming an LLC


What is an LLC?

An LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is an organizational framework that has both the financial and legal aspects of traditional business entities without the same formality and associated paperwork. An LLC can consist of a single individual or multiple members who all share in the profits, costs, risks, and liabilities of running the business. 

Unlike a corporation, those involved in the LLC are not held personally liable for any debts incurred by the business, providing a degree of security in case things don’t go quite according to plan. Furthermore, profits made by an LLC do not have to be divided like with corporations; instead, members can allocate profits however they wish. This makes it an attractive option for small businesses and startup entrepreneurs wanting to maximize their potential return on investment.


Advantages Of an LLC In Wyoming

Are you looking to start a limited liability company (LLC)? If so, you should look no further than the state of Wyoming. Due to its many advantages, Wyoming has become one of the most popular places for entrepreneurs and business owners to establish their LLCs. Here’s a breakdown of why you should consider establishing your LLC in Wyoming.

No state income tax

One of the biggest advantages of establishing an LLC in Wyoming is that there is no state income tax. This means that the LLC’s profits and losses are not subject to state taxes, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket. Furthermore, this also makes it easier to file taxes since there are fewer forms to fill out.

Asset protection & limited liability

Another great advantage of having an LLC established in Wyoming is that it offers asset protection and limited liability for its members and managers. This means that if something were to happen to the business, such as a lawsuit or bankruptcy, the members or managers would not be held personally liable for any damages or losses incurred by the business. Therefore, establishing an LLC in Wyoming may be a good option if you’re looking for extra protection regarding your business assets.

No members or managers listed with the state

Unlike many other states, Wyoming does not require LLCs to list their members or managers with the state when they are established. Anyone who has invested in your business can remain anonymous if they desire, and their information will remain private even after your LLC is established. This added layer of privacy can help protect investors and entrepreneurs from potential fraud or legal issues down the line. 

Best asset protection laws

Finally, one of the biggest benefits associated with establishing an LLC in Wyoming is its asset protection laws. The state has some of the best asset protection laws in the country, which provide additional protections for businesses from creditors and lawsuits. 

Furthermore, these laws also make it easier for businesses to protect themselves from any potential liabilities that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances such as bankruptcy or litigation. 


The Disadvantages of Forming an LLC in Wyoming

LLC is increasingly popular, especially in Wyoming, because it allows business owners to limit their personal liability without having to go through the strict regulations required by corporations. However, there are some disadvantages that should be taken into account when considering forming an LLC in Wyoming.

Incomplete anonymity

One of the main appeals of forming an LLC in Wyoming is the ability to remain anonymous. However, this anonymity is not absolute. While you can keep your name out of public records and protect yourself from potential lawsuits, there are still certain situations where your name may be revealed. For example, if you sign any documents related to the LLC, such as leases or bank accounts, your name will be on them and thus exposed to the public.

Asset protection

Another disadvantage when forming an LLC in Wyoming is asset protection. While LLCs do provide some protection against claims against your assets due to debts or liabilities incurred by the company, they do not provide absolute protection against all creditors. This means that if you have assets before forming an LLC, they may still be subject to claims against them even after the entity’s formation. 

Additionally, if you fail to follow proper formalities, such as keeping up with filing requirements or holding annual meetings with shareholders, this could result in your limited liability status being invalidated and all assets becoming vulnerable again.

Lack of corporate taxes

The lack of corporate taxes can also be seen as a disadvantage for those who form an LLC in Wyoming. Unlike other states which levy corporate income taxes on businesses operating as corporations within their state boundaries, Wyoming does not impose any such tax on businesses operating as LLCs within its borders. 

This can make it difficult for small businesses operating on a tight budget since they won’t be able to take advantage of any tax breaks offered by other states, which may help them save money over time. 

LLC Formation

How to Form an LLC in Wyoming

Forming an LLC in Wyoming is a process that requires knowledge of the legal and financial aspects of business formation. Understanding all the necessary steps to properly forming an LLC in Wyoming can be overwhelming, and setting up an LLC in the state can be lengthy. However, with the proper resources and guidance, Wyoming offers businesses several advantages to forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state.

  1. Pick a unique name for your business
  2. Get a Registered Agent
  3. File the Article of Organization
  4. Create an Operating Agreement
  5. Obtain an EIN Number

Pick a unique name for your business

The first step to forming an LLC in Wyoming is to pick a name for your company. Naming your LLC is an important step and must be done carefully, as it will become the public face of your business. Here are the naming guidelines  you must follow in Wyoming when selecting an LLC name:

  • The name of your business must include the phrase “Limited Liability Company” or an abbreviation of that phrase.
  • The name must not be the same as, or similar to, any existing LLC in Wyoming.
  • The name may not use any restricted words such as “bank,” “attorney,” or “university” without prior approval from the state.
  • The name cannot contain words that would be confused with an existing or reserved business.

Once you have picked a name for your LLC, you must make sure it is available for use by filing a Business Entity Name Search with the Wyoming Secretary of State. Also, look out for the domain name for the website of your future business.

Once you have found the perfect name for your Wyoming LLC, you can reserve it with the state for 120 days by filing an Application for Reservation of Name with a filing fee of $60. It will protect your chosen name from being taken by someone else, giving you time to form your LLC.

Get a Registered Agent

The next step in forming an LLC in Wyoming is to obtain a registered agent. Their job is to receive important documents for your business, including state and federal notifications, as well as provide authorization for the service of process. You can always designate someone from within the LLC to act as the Registered Agent or opt for a professional registered agent service. 

It helps to do some research first and find the best fit for your company. Whatever you decide, make sure they are trustworthy, dependable, and ready to get on board with all the paperwork that goes along with starting an LLC in Wyoming.

File the Article of Organization

Starting a business in Wyoming requires filing Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. The state filing cost is $100, and there is an additional $2 fee if you file online. This nominal cost secures legal protection for your company; when filed, the Articles of Organization post notice to all potential creditors that you have registered as a limited liability company. These articles of organizations must include key information, such as your LLC’s name and address, the purpose of the business, the names, and addresses of all members, etc. 

Your Articles of Organization must also contain language to confirm that your LLC is compliant with Wyoming law. You must also include whether the LLC will be managed by members or managers and if it has voting and non-voting members. Once the Articles of Organization are filed, it is important to keep your filing up to date by submitting an Annual Report.

Create an Operating Agreement

Creating a Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement is an important fourth step in establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The Agreement serves as the fundamental document for internal operations and outlines each owner’s rights, powers, and obligations. It should also contain language regarding taxation, capitalization, and distributions and include restrictions if applicable. 

An Operating Agreement is usually created by the owners of an LLC at the formation and should be reviewed with your legal professional. Creating this type of agreement will ensure clarity between members and provide protection from personal liability by implementing corporate governance compliant with local laws.

Obtain an EIN Number

Obtaining a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is the fifth and final step in getting your Wyoming limited liability company (LLC) up and running. An EIN is a unique nine-digit number from the IRS that will help you identify and manage your business accounts, open bank accounts, hire employees, file taxes, and more. 

Fortunately for Wyoming LLCs, obtaining an EIN is incredibly simple; after filing all the necessary paperwork with the Connecticut Secretary of State’s Office and completing the online application for an EIN on the IRS website, you’ll receive it in almost no time at all. Even better yet, applying for an EIN won’t cost you anything – it’s a free service from both the state and federal governments.

Types of LLC

Which type of LLC is ideal for me?

In Wyoming, you can choose from a few different types of LLCs depending on your needs and preferences. Here are the main types you can consider:

  1. Single-Member LLC: This type of LLC is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to run a business on their own. With a Single-Member LLC, you’ll be the only member and manager of the company, making it a simple and straightforward option.
  2. Multi-Member LLC: If you’re planning on starting a business with partners or multiple owners, a Multi-Member LLC might be the best choice. This structure allows for more than one member to have a stake in the company and share in its management.
  3. Member-Managed LLC: This type of LLC is managed by its members (the owners). All members participate in day-to-day decision-making and share responsibility for the company’s operations. It’s a great option if you and your partners want to be actively involved in running the business.
  4. Manager-Managed LLC: In a Manager-Managed LLC, one or more designated managers handle the daily operations of the business. The managers can be members of the LLC, or they can be hired from outside. This is a good choice if you want to delegate management duties to a specific person or team.
  5. Series LLC: A Series LLC is a unique option that allows you to create multiple “series” or individual LLCs within a single umbrella entity. Each series operates independently with its own assets, liabilities, and management. This can be useful for businesses with multiple ventures or property holdings that need legal separation and protection.

Before you make your decision, it’s essential to research each type thoroughly and consider your business needs, goals, and potential liabilities. You might also want to consult with an attorney or a business professional to ensure you’re making the best choice for your situation.

LLC Taxes

Applicable LLC Taxes in Wyoming

Here are some of the applicable taxes that you have to pay in the state of Wyoming: 

Annual Report 

Every year, Wyoming businesses must submit an Annual Report – due on the first day of their LLC’s anniversary month. For example: if your LLC was created June 15th, you’d need to file a report by June 1st each following year. 

In addition to filing this form online through the Secretary of State website, business owners are responsible for paying a License Tax based on two-tenths of one mill per dollar spent in assets located within Wyoming (minimum $50). Familiarize yourself with all requirements and calculation methods at the SOS website. 

State Business Tax

Wyoming stands out among the rest of the US states’ lack of corporate and personal income taxes. Not only is there no tax owed to Wyoming on earnings from an LLC, but this also applies to those who have chosen to be taxed as a corporation too! The mere $50 annual license fee or small percentage value asset tax makes it highly favorable for businesses seeking a low-tax environment that fosters growth and profitability.

State Employer Tax

Understanding taxes can often be overwhelming whether you are a Wyoming employer. With federal and state obligations to take into account, employers must stay informed of their tax responsibilities. 

In Cowboy State specifically, this means registering with the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) for unemployment insurance (UI). Doing so correctly requires completing Form WY1C1WC by mail or online – then quarterly filing Forms WYO-056 and WYO078 to properly report wages paid and pay UI taxes due. 

Sales and Use Tax 

LLCs that sell goods to customers in Wyoming must register for sales tax with the Department of Revenue (DOR). Registration begins by downloading and completing ETS Form 001.1 from the DOR website, after which a sales tax license will be issued. Periodic returns can then be submitted using blank templates available from the same site – these are typically filed monthly or quarterly, depending on individual requirements.


Costs of Forming LLC in Wyoming

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) may be the ideal choice for those looking to launch a business in Wyoming. An LLC is a legally recognized business structure that provides limited personal liability protection and flexibility when filing taxes. Plus, the cost of creating an LLC in Wyoming is relatively minimal. 

The fee for filing a Certification of Formation with the Secretary of State is only $100, and discounted expedited filings are also available at an additional cost. Furthermore, other required annual fees are generally modest, and the state doesn’t impose a sales or corporate income tax on businesses. Here is a breakdown of the costs of forming an LLC in Wyoming:

LLC Costs

State filing fee for Articles of Organization


Name reservation (optional)


Registered agent fee (annual, min)


Annual report fee (min)


Business license (if applicable)


EIN registration with the IRS (if needed)


Operating Agreement (optional)


Starting A Business

The Benefits of Starting a Business in Wyoming

Wyoming is one of the most business-friendly states in the US. With its low taxes, relaxed regulations, and friendly environment, it’s no wonder why so many entrepreneurs are choosing to start their businesses in this great state. But there are even more benefits to consider when starting a business in Wyoming. Let’s look at the advantages of setting up a shop here. 

Technology Department 

The technology department here in Wyoming has been making strides to create an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. For instance, the state offers numerous grants and programs for startups and tax incentives for businesses that invest in research & development projects here. Additionally, there are several incubators and accelerators available to help entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground quickly and efficiently. 

IT Department 

The IT department here in Wyoming offers top-notch resources for businesses, both big and small. There are plenty of options for those looking to outsource IT services or manage their networks with the help of experienced professionals. The state also provides access to high-speed internet connections, cloud storage solutions, managed security services, and other tech solutions to help you run your business smoothly and securely. 

Agricultural Department

Wyoming is home to some of the most productive agricultural land in the US, offering abundant opportunities for farmers and ranchers alike. The state provides access to various resources such as tax credits, loans, grants, technical assistance programs, and marketing support for farmers looking to get started or expand their operations here. Not only does this provide farmers with the tools they need to succeed, but it also creates economic stability for rural communities throughout Wyoming.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Starting An LLC In Wyoming

Here are the most commonly asked questions about forming an LLC business in the state of Wyoming:

Non-residents of Wyoming are eligible to form an LLC in the state and can do so without ever having to set foot in the state at all. The process can be completed quickly and efficiently online without needing physical presence or paperwork submissions. This convenience makes it a desirable choice for entrepreneurs from any location looking to form an LLC in Wyoming, as they can obtain all the benefits offered by this business structure from anywhere.

Establishing and running a successful business is challenging, but Wyoming can make this process easier by offering LLCs certain advantages other states may not. One key benefit to registering an LLC in Wyoming is that they do not levy taxes on state income or assets, meaning businesses can keep more of the money they generate without worrying about multiple levels of taxation. If you want to keep more money in your pocket while having the full legal protection an LLC offers, then Wyoming is the best place.

A state’s regulation of an LLC plays a big role in where you decide to incorporate, and that’s something to consider when comparing Wyoming and Delaware. Delaware provides many business resources but has more corporate laws than other states. 

In comparison, Wyoming has a smaller business infrastructure and fewer LLC requirements. So if you’re looking for lower taxes and fewer requirements, Wyoming may be the better choice for your LLC. However, if you need more support and legal infrastructure, Delaware is also an attractive option.

Wyoming LLCs provide a great option for businesses looking to get the most out of their business structure. It has appealing features such as no state income tax, low filing and reporting costs, and members’ privacy protection, and its charging order protection laws are among the strongest in the US. Thus Wyoming LLCs allow business owners to maximize their potential and be better positioned for success.